Resting Flying Wings


do you know the rabbit’s story?

of how she runs and hides when she feels weary

she goes under ground to feel warm and fuzzy

when things turn scary

usually it’s a starless sky

the rabbits sees not even a twinkle up high

all dark in the night

down from where the rabbit sleeps tight

but one time the rabbit looks out

from her hiding hole she peeps with doubt

there she sees a firefly on her route

so bright and brave in the midnight cloud

amazed by the glowing beetle

on her two feet the rabbit stands and wiggle

she catches her breath as the firefly lands on her muzzle

the firefly’s glow feels warm and she giggles

the rabbit takes the firefly back to her hiding hole she had dug

she whispers to the lightning bug

you’re so brave flying alone, i’d be so scared I would need a hug!

come rest in my nest on my grassy rug

the firefly flickers and gives the rabbit a smile

beeping her light all the while

the firefly says, i’m a firefly

my wings are made to fly

the rabbit wiggle her nose left and right

as the firefly prepares to again take flight

what a stubborn little thing this glowing wings

the rabbit thinks of this lovely being

and the firefly fly high up in the night

the rabbit whispers again, my nest is yours..dear flying light

little glow beetle smiles down below

she whispers too, i know…


~ by CuppySkully on April 15, 2011.

One Response to “Resting Flying Wings”

  1. wud u believe me if i said…i cry over this front of my screen,down to my cheek drop to my keyboard..
    dont wanna take too many from the wigglin bunny…coz i know,she’s full and loaded with self expression herself…i’ll be there,to fix my broken wings,before another take off…but i’ll always come back..u know that đŸ™‚

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