Wisdom Comes From The TV Screen

I saw a glimpse of this local talk show on tv. The host is a bald mid-50’s man who has been somewhat of a celebrity here due to his wisdom and advice he gives to people on his talk show. He even has his own facebook fanpage and twitter account where he tweets and states his wisdom to his followers. But then again, in this day and age, who hasn’t had a facebook and twitter?

I don’t care much about him, unlike some of my friends who I’ve noticed have clicked ‘Like’ on his facebook page and follow his twitter and watch his talk show. Somehow I just feel like whatever he’s saying is common knowledge and we all know this by heart, we’re just to effing lazy to actually dig deep and do what we already knew ourselves. Instead we nod to a old bald man who talk to us through a tv screen and make millions of money by telling us what we knew all along.

About tonight’s talk show topic, it’s “The Pain of Love”. I knew about it cause like I said, I saw the trailer earlier today. But I’m writing this post because 15 minutes ago, my mother came out of her room and start giggling about the talk show. She apparently was watching it in her room.

Mother said, “Listen, that man on tv said that love needs to grow along with how old we’ve grown. He said old couples should still maintain the sparks and intentions to keep the love alive, not turn into a lazy old person who never showers anymore cause that would make the spouse risky to look for affairs”.

Mother and I looked at each other and start laughing out loud. First of all, cause that is so my father. He never showers anymore. Only does when Mother starts yelling at him to do so. And secondly, it’s common knowledge. It’s ridiculous that that bald man got a tv deal just for that. I mean, come on.. he aint no Oprah.

Maybe I’m just envious with how much he got paid for it, thus, this cynical ramblings. Maybe I should start praying like Myra. Maybe I’d get some action too, money-wise that is. Yo, girl, if you ever got that MegaMillions ticket for your birthday..just sayin’. LOL.



~ by CuppySkully on March 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “Wisdom Comes From The TV Screen”

  1. Sounds like common knowledge, indeed. Sometime people just like to be told what to do. Or instead of just admitting things themselves, they want it to be a revelation from somebody else. It’s as if it comes from somebody else, then they don’t have to take responsibility for it if something goes wrong.

  2. Mmmmm. I haven’t had a television in my home for… God, must be about 8 years now. Don’t miss it.
    Anyway, I was chatting to my other tonight and we agreed that if we can still say we like each other after 30 years it’s more significant than being able to say we love each other. I know too many people who can say, “I love you, but I don’t like you.”

    • I think it’s rare enough to be feeling any mutual kind of affection towards each other after thirty-some years nowadays. So, for those who still do and strive to be that way for the long run, good for you and you have my support for sure.

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