Krusty Is Home, Y’all!

Krusty was released from the hospital today!

Here’s an update of his condition, a great ending from Krusty’s previously heart-breaking story.

Ready to go home, boy?

Unfortunately, I was feeling pretty under the weather so I couldn’t go to pick him up myself. A friend of ours went to the hospital and got him, took care of the paperwork and met up with his adopter.

All in all, Krusty did great. The surgery to fix his broken thigh bone was done last Monday and it was a success. The vet put a bone-pin to place the broken bone back to its place and cut away the dead tissues and rotting bones. Due to that, Krusty’s leg will be a bit shorter than his healthy leg, but there’s no bad permanent damage.

Great job, Krusty!

His ear infections healed well too. He has regained his body control and his balance back. So that’s a good news. The vet gave him an ear-drop medicine to continue the medication from home, along with some antibiotics.

The vet said Krusty still needs to go back to the hospital next week for a check-up, and then – assuming everything is okay – another check-up is due next month to get his x-ray to confirm his bones’ healing.

Final check-up before heading home..

And another awesome news is that Krusty went straight home with his adopter! Since there is absolutely no news or contact whatsoever from his original neglecting owner, we decided to let Krusty be adopted.

His adopter is a very sweet lady who already cared so much about how Krusty was since his story was first published. We know she will take great care of him, making sure Krusty stays in his cage for the next month and giving him his medications and stuff, so we’re very thankful. Here’s a picture of them in the cab as they were heading home, new parent with her new baby boy. Cute!

You're home now, finally.

One thing though, since we are mostly dog people – and don’t know much of any other cat people around in our circle of friends, Krusty’s donation box hasn’t been that successful. We got several donations and don’t get me wrong, we are very very thankful and appreciative, but in comparison to the total vet bill we still need a lot to cover things up. So, I don’t mean to solicit, but this is a shameless plug, if there’s any cat people out there, we take paypal. *insert: sweet-sweet smile*

Disclaimer: Seriously, I’m not soliciting. But if there’s anyone who actually wanna donate (thank you!) please note that I live in Indonesia. Extra fees may be involved if you wanna do this paypal thing. But seriously, no pressure. I’m just saying.


~ by CuppySkully on March 5, 2011.

6 Responses to “Krusty Is Home, Y’all!”

  1. Happy story!

  2. Are you in Jakarta?

  3. Wow! This made me tear up to hear that the outcome was so great. Knowing that the rest of his life will be so happy and comfortable.

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