Your Royal Highness Little King Moshi

Little King Moshi

Moshi and I went to the vet today. He’s been feeling down lately. We suspected it was his joints aching again. He seemed to be in such pain that he cried loudly every time we touched the back part of his body, near his tail and hind legs. Each time he was in pain like this, his body would tremor and his heartbeat raced so fast that we were afraid he was also having heart problems.

So we went to the vet, both he and I. I got him settled on his cage and waited in the vet’s waiting room. I was noticing how he was being surrounded by other dogs. Unlike how he was years ago, today he just sat there in his little cage watching everyone silently. I remembered when he was younger, I always needed an extra hand when taking him to the vet because he would be so excited seeing other dogs that he would jump around and pulled me in all directions to get near to the dogs.

The vet did a complete check-up, blood work, urine test, ultrasound, and x-ray to try to determine whether he has other conditions aside from his obvious aching joints. The urine and blood work’s result is not out until tomorrow but the ultrasound and x-ray showed no abnormality aside from him being “too fat”. His eyes examination showed he has early stage of cataract on both eyes. But thankfully there’s no problem with his heart.

The vet suspected he has diabetes, whether that is confirmed or not depends on tomorrow’s blood work result. If he has diabetes, that would explain his cataract and his weight gain. Even if he doesn’t have diabetes, I know we really should start changing his diet. He’s been enjoying too much snacks. I’m thinking I would try to bake some diabetic doggy cookies recipes tomorrow. See if he likes them.

My baby is getting old. I feel like it’s tougher every year now. I remember how his birthdays used to be such celebrations. Even though now we still celebrate his birthdays, I personally feel a sense of sadness on his birthdays cause it means that he’s getting older. A reminder that dogs, unfortunately, don’t get to outlive us.

I think it’s because no matter what, no matter how old your baby gets, he’s still your baby. You’re always gonna see that puppy that followed you around the house with their new weak puppy feet or that rambunctious young soul that jump around furniture, even though now their not physically the same anymore.


Moshi, on his 2nd day after we got him, 7 years ago.

He’s my baby. Always will.


~ by CuppySkully on March 1, 2011.

8 Responses to “Your Royal Highness Little King Moshi”

  1. *literally lookin’ for a tissue*

  2. i love him. he looks like an old man trapped in a dog!!!

  3. Good luck with the diet – I’ll bet he doesn’t speak to you for a few days!

  4. I freakin’ loved your post! I am such a dog lover, I often write about my dogs on my blog.



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