Crusade to Care Krusty the Cat

Krusty on the ride to the hospital

I’m not much of a cat person, I would admit. But this one particular cat was on my mind. My friends and I christened him Krusty. Krusty was brought to our attention when someone, let’s call him “TL”, posted a picture of a cat with its thigh bone sticking out of its skin. Now, if that kind of picture don’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will.

Being dog people who run a non-profit dog group, me and my friends knew this wasn’t the time to play favorites. The cat needed help, badly. As TL then wrote to us, the cat was his neighbor’s and the cat got hit by a car about a month ago but the owner didn’t care enough to take it to the vet and left him wandering around in the streets.

Needless to say, we definitely needed to do something. So we decided to name him Krusty. And we decided to rescue Krusty. We were gonna open up a donation box and beg our friends from our social networks’ friendlists to make donations to help pay the vet bill, take him to the vet, get his surgery to fix his broken bones, neutered him, and try to find him an adopter. Seemed like a good plan.

But man oh man… that TL was a piece of work. When you reported a case, could you please at least be more of an assistance? At least, made it easy for us to talk to you? Stop saying you were busy when we needed to ask you questions?

Anyway, we went to Krusty’s neighborhood yesterday. The difficult thing about rescuing cats or dogs, is the fact that 9 out of 10 they’re not where they usually hang out the day we go to the location. Luckily Krusty was there, just laying on the front of his owner’s house.

Found Krusty!

After a long talk to his owner, we got permission to take Krusty to the animal hospital to get checked out – even though the owner said “But you’ll bring him back here after he’s okay, right?” –– yeah right, the only thing I’ll bring back here is the animal-police to arrest you on animal abuse charges – if only there’s such thing as an animal-police task force here in this country.

Since it was Saturday, apparently there was only 2 vets on duty at the hospital and many patients. After almost 3 hours of waiting, Krusty began to sway around uncontrollably! We were terrified cause he was fine when we got him, we thought “Come on Krusty, you made it this far, dont give up now!”

I yelled for the nurse and she took us to one of the vacant consultation room and started an IV on him. Minutes later – which felt like hours – the vet came in and examined him. Vet said, apart from his obvious broken bone, he got a extremely severe ear infections on both ears. That was what causing the seizures, the infections made his temperature so high and the long wait in the waiting room stressed him out so badly that he went into shock.

Hold still, Krusty..

The vet took his x-ray and said that it was the thigh bone that was broken and pierced through his skin. He needed surgery fast, scheduled on Monday, to correct the damage. We’re hopeful that his ear infection is gonna heal – although maybe not 100% due to the severity – so he can regain control of his balance and body movement again.

I know we said to his owner that they can have him back after he’s out of the hospital but seeing his condition after such neglect, should we bring Krusty back to them? I mean, they’ve neglected him so badly like that. Can you imagine having your pet hit by a car and have their bone sticking out of their skin and didn’t have the brain to take him to the vet?? What was the reason??

Can you see this and left him wandering around for a month??

If they were to claim that it was financial issue, then why were they so hesitant in us trying to take him to the hospital?? If I didn’t have any money, and knowing that animal care is not cheap, I would have given my pet up for adoption cause I would want my pet to have the good life that they deserve. Or maybe even I wouldn’t get a pet in the first place if I knew I couldn’t afford it.

Should we give Krusty back to his so-called owner?

Do you think Krusty deserves better?


~ by CuppySkully on February 27, 2011.

15 Responses to “Crusade to Care Krusty the Cat”

  1. Its so terrible how people treat animals sometimes…I am a very big animal lover…i respect animals more than humans..Animals behave better then humans. Please dont give him back …the Krusty desrves a loving and warm home..and that man desrves…well I better not describe what that man deserves or would get from me…

  2. Some questions came up in my mind:
    Will they be able to care for him while he is recovering or will they just let him out on the streets?
    Why do they want Krusty back? Out of love?
    Wonderful thing you did, helping Krusty! Really nice.

  3. OH MY GOD!! So many things to say! Firstly, I’m in tears reading this, Secondly, you are so AWESOME and I wish there were more people in this world like you who let their heart guide them. Thirdly NO FUCKING WAY GIVE HIM BACK!!! No way. There was a case recently in NY with a Pit Bull who was so severely neglected, on the verge of death, and people had rescued him, adopted him, brought him back to health, then the original owner tried to get him back. Animal Rescue was going to do it, since they were “The Owner.” But, with enough protests and signatures, the new owners were allowed to keep the dog who was so badly neglected. Write your case for this cat and get it to the authorities immediately before the owner says anything. There is strength in numbers and in a passionate voice. Continue doing your thing and being led by your amazing heart. You have my support on this. THANK YOU for saving that cat’s life!!!

    • Oh Myra….we all wish we could do something like that, report to authorities or protests and all..
      But sad news, I dont live in countries like USA or others where animal abuse is legally considered a crime.
      There is basically not enough law – or maybe none – in regards to animal cruelty.
      There have been so many instances where I would be in tears walking down the streets if I see a monkey with a chain around its neck, being paraded around as side-street entertainment. And people are actually paying money to these vendors to make the monkey play around in little bicycle or walking around holding a tiny umbrella, etc. It’s considered entertainment while we see it as cruelty.
      This country has a long way to go in terms of animal rights. *sigh*

  4. Thank God you were there to help Krusty. I say no way he goes back to the original owner. No way!

  5. Even if it was financial, I would 1. Not have my animal outside where it could be at a bigger risk for getting injured and infected and 2. I would FIND a way to get care!!! Even if this meant having to give my babies up. =( That is just all there is to it. This person will not care enought to track you all down. The sad and scary part is that they WILL get another pet. Please do not give Krusty back. I am so glad you all saved him from the inevitable!

  6. You and your friends are my new heroes! Thank you for stepping up and caring for Krusty. Please do not take Krusty back to the person who neglected him. Krusty deserves better, much better.

  7. Don’t take him back. It seems unlikely the such an uncaring owner would be able to prove ownership (or care to fight the case if told they would have to go to trial.) Do what’s best for the cat.

  8. […] an update of his condition, a great ending from Krusty’s previously heart-breaking story. Ready to go home, […]

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