Wriggling Writer’s Random Ramblings



I have many things randomly flying around up in my head right now. As it would be insufficient and ineffective to write each one of them as a single post, I think I would just sum them up right here.


Disconnected — literally.
My mobile phone has been out of reception for hours now. I cant make/receive any phonecall, text message, and I cant chat. I know I can still chat through my laptop but I have this thing about my mobile phone where I’ll be restless and moody when my mobile phone is practically useless like this. It’s pathetic, I know, to be so attached to a device. But I do. Sue me.


Pippo, Rest In Peace.
My friend’s cat died a few days ago. Pippo was to her like Moshi is to me. She had  Pippo for more than 10 years. Being someone who is more comfortable being around animals rather than being around most humans, I can understand her loss. She’s grieving, and rightfully so. Pippo was undoubtedly the only one who was always there for her, day in and day out, regardless of anything. The only love that demanded nothing in return, except for some occasional strokes behind the ears. You can watch Pippo here.


No more foreign (read: Hollywood) movies in theaters.
Long story short, after this country’s oh-so-smart (yes, I’m being sarcastic) government released the new tax policy on the showing of foreign movies, apparently the US’ Motion Picture Association decided that they won’t be letting their movies be released in this country again.
Now, perhaps none of us would be scratching our heads too much if the local movies are okay. But when your options of local movies are titles like “Mystery of The Sliding Nurse” or “Moaning of The Virgin Devil”, you kinda feel like your life has basically ended along with the banning of foreign movies. Black Swan? The King’s Speech? “The Lusty Ghost’s Revenge”? You get the picture.


The deranged employer
Now this is just plain…..I don’t even know what to say. I think the title is self-explanatory.


My cramping fingers
So, after enduring the consequences of having a deranged employer which resulted to almost 6 hours full of typing, I have to go home and continue typing again for my freelance-translating project. I know I prefer to do this translating thing any day now rather than doing my day job but I gotta be honest, my fingers are starting to cramp and numb. The fact that I can still type this post is simply coz I feel like blogging is kinda therapeutic.


I wanna watch the new episodes of Gleeeeeeee! *pulls hair in frustration*
I haven’t had the chance to watch since I’ve been hoeing these translation papers this past week. I miss Kurt. And I’m dying to see what’s gonna come out outta Brittany’s mouth. I guess there’s no way I’m gonna watch it tonight. I still have some papers to finish. *sigh*


How can I not think of Firefly?

Firefly, I am aglow by



~ by CuppySkully on February 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “Wriggling Writer’s Random Ramblings”

  1. the lighthin’ bug!!! to the rescue……

  2. but thank you most of all for making the time to write on this blog.

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