Oh Honey Honey…

My first ever cooking post!

I made muffins today. They were Honey Muffins with raisins, toasted almonds and sesame seeds.

Honey Mini Muffins

Apparently I’ve been having this thing with honey. I noticed I’ve been putting honey in most of my cooking lately.

The other day, I made Honey-glazed mini beef sausages. I must say, they tasted divine. No bragging intended.

Honey-glazed Mini Beef Sausages

But the most successful self-invented recipe I made was my Spaghetti with Honey and Butter Sauce. They were deeeee….-wait for it-….licious!

Spaghetti with Honey and Butter Sauce

I also made some grilled pork with Honey and Garlic marinade, but sadly I forgot to take pictures of those heavenly goodness. Next time, then.

Since I’ve never written cooking post before, I’m kinda confused about whether or not I’m suppose to write down the recipes here? Coz if I did, they wouldn’t be CuppySkully’s Secret Recipes anymore, right? But if I didn’t, then cooking posts are just simply for showing pictures of food we make??

Anyway, I apologize for the low quality pictures. They were amateurishly taken from my mobile phone.

~ by CuppySkully on February 20, 2011.

5 Responses to “Oh Honey Honey…”

  1. MMMM..love the sausages that way and the spaghetti sounds very interesting 🙂

  2. Those sausages sure look tempting.

  3. It would be good if you share the spaghetti recipe!!!

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