Beading Be, You Still


..beading be..

why do they drizzle at a time like this

do they feel what it is

what it is inside

inside a wound i made wide

are they talking to me

talking talks about how walking walks should be

walking like this is what i know

what i know is no more though

or really?

really are we?

are we done walking our walks?

walks so long along with their shocks

shocking how many shocks we got

we got through them and got a lot

a lot gained, a lot pain

pain like a pleasurable stain

i wonder when a slow learner finally learned

finally able to change what has been earned

what has been felt like a blessed privileged

a privilege to have learned from the best, reached

and now they stopped dripping

stopping as if they’re waiting

waiting for what’s to come

what’s coming after supposedly it’s done

so where can i find the answers

to answer all these matters

will it matter if i ask a dew drop

i see a dew drop from the rain on a reed top

will the reed sway its leave top when i say

if i say my fear and questions and let them lay

lay all of them on the table

what’s on the table is why i feel incapable

will a dew drop fall to the ground

grounded by the misconception found

misconception of my fearful voice

fearing it’s an attack to a bead’s choice

i’m just confiding

not accusing nor questioning

so please don’t say what was said

for a bead is never less than what it had

(originally written on January 16, 2010)

This is an old piece I wrote over a year ago. The reason why I’m posting this one here tonight is because I’m kinda feeling a sense of dejavu with the rain pouring like this. I felt like this has happened before. The sky was once also raining cats and dogs. I was once also trying to reconnect a mismatch connection. Trying again to brighten up what was blue.

All the same. Our coffee and rain never faded. Never will.

~ by CuppySkully on February 19, 2011.

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