One Man’s Trash is One Girl’s Treasure




I want to…


1. Shoplift and get away with it.

2. Make a snow angel.

3. Walk a dog in Central Park.

4. Be freezing in front of the Tree at Rockafellar Center on Christmas’ Eve.

5. Order a Hot Caramel Machiato, no foam, extra caramel sauce at a Starbucks in Seattle.

6. Walk in through the door of a tattoo shop on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles and get tattooed by a girl named Kat.

7. Have authentic traditionally prepared turkey on a real Thanksgiving Day.

8. Get drenched wet by the rain and not fall sick.

9. Sit around a bon-fire by the beach with closest friends.

10. Still be alive by the time when everyone can be with / married to whoever they want.

11. Have a shabby-chic style walk-in closet, at least twice as big as my front living room with fully organized-color coordinated contents.

12. Experience the feel of Manolo and Christian on me…(as in Blahnik and Louboutin)

13. Work with dogs instead of humans.

14. Make cute cupcakes for a living.

15. Live with my people just like they do in “Friends”.

Things on this list may be trivial for some, daily mundane for others, but for one girl…it’s a list.

What do you want?



~ by CuppySkully on February 15, 2011.

20 Responses to “One Man’s Trash is One Girl’s Treasure”

  1. uou 🙂


  3. well,..u know me 😀

  4. Sounds like a good list, for a start.

  5. Interesting list. Something is only trivial if it doesn’t strike an emotional chord in the reader. So I guess that these are a list of 15 feel-good wishes.

  6. Revolution

  7. […] 11 (Wednesday) by E James Leave a Comment This was inspired by post by cuppyskully which can be found here. I want […]

  8. Posted my list on my blog. I love your list though. Why can’t you make cute cupcakes for a living?

    • Yes, I just read! Thank you!
      Well..I have to have a place to sell the cupcakes, and renting fee for a place to sell them is sky high. Not enough money for rent. And if I dont wanna rent a place to sell them, I have to deliver them to customers…and i dont have my own vehicle to do that. Yeah…bummer.

  9. I have always wanted to walk my dogs at Central Park…Why is it so appealing? LOL. I am not even a “city girl”. I was jealous of my husband who was able to hang out on a beach by a bonfire with friends. BTW….Before he met me, he wasn’t even a fan of the beach and still would rather be skiing! Awesome list!!!!

  10. I want to…
    1. Go out to the park in the rain and splash in mud puddles
    2. Have all my family and friends with me to see me marry the woman of my dreams
    3. Bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie
    4. Live in the same city as my little sister
    5. Get good enough to teach a cooking class
    6. Make love with a beautiful couple, on equal terms
    7. Get 100 hits consistently on my blog
    8. Make a difference in someone’s life
    9. Be in a musical; just a little community one
    10. Live in eastern market, DC and buy fresh asparagus once a week

    Love your list! Keep it up. 🙂

  11. I like your list… It strikes me as not just a “want to do” list, but proof that happiness hides in the smallest things. 🙂

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