Words Worthy of Thee, Encore

today was beautiful - sometimes_i_want_to_disappear_by_redkitestring

I love fun days like this. Detaching responsibilities for a few hours. Forgetting I have to be a money-making grown up for a little while. Grateful that I still have the option to wake up late every now and then.

I love birthday mornings like this. Picking my boy up and give him a hug. Kissing him happy birthday and feeling his tail wagging excitedly. His whiskers tickling my face as he kissed me back. I smiled at him and said ‘be patient, little king’ when he barkly asked me about his birthday cake. He likes cheesecakes and vanilla the most and he makes sure I know it. And to share this birthday morning, thank you for being on his birthday.

I love rainy mornings like this. Having a face to wake up to. Sniffing how sweet my room smells of this familiar yet rare perfume. Listening to the sky dripping down. Looking at puddles forming in the backyard, thinking how pretty they are. The drizzle doesn’t scare me today, knowing I’m only steps away from a heart beat.

I love rare days like this. The exceptional moments when we get what we want. When we do have the luxury to have what we love. To forget about the struggles, the anxieties, the waits, worries, cravings…all things from yesterday. I have the 20’th line of a certain Journey song playing in the back of my head. But it’s okay. Cause we have today.

I love my days like this. When I know by the first sip of my morning coffee that everything is gonna be alright today. I still have one more day. One more night. To laugh, giggle and wiggle. Yes, rare indeed, but worthy. Worthy of thee.



~ by CuppySkully on February 14, 2011.

4 Responses to “Words Worthy of Thee, Encore”

  1. Ah, it is good to be reminded of the small pleasures in life that we should concentrate on more. Thank you.

  2. Right on. Happy Birthday Moshi! Also, love the word “barkly.”

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