To Voice The Voiceless

I wish this is where I work every day!

What a day today! I went to the shelter this morning. Had a blast playing with all the dogs, helped feeding them snacks and stuff. To see those tails wagging so furiously simply because I touched their heads made me wish even more that I could work with dogs instead of humans.


A place to roam, run, and play..

And it made me wish I could take my boys to the shelter too. Not to leave them there, of course.. but to let them see that there are other friends who are living modest lives, unlike them who are pampered and had everything ready for them at a bark’s call.


Let me speak your words...

Case and point, this cutie right here.His previous owner removed his vocal chord because “he was barking too much.” Excuse me?? He’s a freakin’ dog?!! What did you expect?? For him to meow??? ….*breathe in…breathe out*….


Do you think the boys would understand, if I really did take them to the shelter to see how their friends are living?

Meals to eat, beats sleeping on the street...

I know I meant it a joking kinda way, but it just made me sad seeing all these dogs so happy and so grateful for finally finding a decent place to sleep and eat, a place to play safely…compare to my boys and other people’s pampered pooch who sleep on our beds, on thick comfortable blankets, with air conditioned room, cute doggy-clothes and accessories, toys and high-end snacks.


Cozta's hind legs are paralyzed due to hip dyspasia and distemper.

I hope other people can take some time and visit shelters like this. People who claim to be dog lovers. I want them to see and understand that being a dog lover isn’t about having a champion dog, not about having the most expensive breed of dog, etc. I have a very high respect and admiration for the few people who choose to care for dogs with disabilities. Dogs who are old or ill, whose care is about keeping their health in check and their quality of life fulfilled – not about worrying whether their dogs’ coat are shiny enough for next week’s championship.


I dont mean to be harsh. I appreciate all people who share their time and space and effort to care for animals. I simply wish that these shelter dogs aren’t forgotten. They dont have a voice, so let us be theirs.


All we need is love..

It’s gonna be Valentine’s Day soon. And I know that there are people out there who are thinking about giving your loved ones cute puppies for Valentine’s Day. This year, why dont you try going to the shelters instead of the pet-shops or breeders. Try volunteering  for a day at the shelter, or just spend the day there, bring them snacks or milk or simply play with these dogs. They crave love. All they want is just a little love. Wouldn’t it be lovely to give some love on The Day of Love?


Little paws, our greatest teachers.

~ by CuppySkully on February 12, 2011.

9 Responses to “To Voice The Voiceless”

  1. Glad there are people like you out there doing wonderful things for animals!I wrote a blog to try and bring more awareness about the choices people make.

  2. This is such a wonderful post. It is so important to remember that every day there are more and more dogs that need a home and an advocate. Well done =)

  3. There is another place I’d heard of that helps disabled animals, in Montana. I forget the name. I think that if you would rather work with dogs than people then you should do so! I believe in people and animals following their dreams~ Thankyou for the post! All the best!!

    • I live in a country where animals rights are not as taken care of as in the USA. But we’re trying to do the best that we can do given the limited options and situations. Hopefully things will get better in time.

  4. Thank you for bringing awareness to these animals. All of my pets are rescue animals. And your post reminds me of when we brought Maxie, our dacshund home. The first night he was quiet and didn’t explore the house. He just stayed within eyesight with us in the family room. The second night he raced from room to room for maybe half an hour, then he stopped and stared at us, tail wagging, mouth panting, he knew he was home.

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