Howlin’ Good Times!

Little King Moshi


the warmth of mommy’s blankie buzzes
fluffy and comfy my turns and tosses
always snuggly wuggly my snoozes

Moshi likes munch a bunch
minced pork for lunch
next week is turkey gobble i have a hunch

wuff!! wuff!!
see me i’m tough!!
bark you away until it’s enough!!
if only Moshi can bite you in a puff!!


I swear, sometimes I think I can hear Moshi talking to me. Maybe I’m just a crazy dog girl, or a hallucinating mommy, but if he could really talk I’m sure he would say something like those things above.

Moshi’s birthday is coming up. February 14, he’ll be 7 years old this year. So when everybody else is irrationally obsessed about pink and roses on February 14, all I can think about is from which bakery I’m gonna get Moshi his birthday cake.

Anyway, I dont wanna write too much, let’s make this a little teaser for an upcoming post on his birthday. February 14, stay tuned!

~ by CuppySkully on February 10, 2011.

6 Responses to “Howlin’ Good Times!”

  1. Awww Moshi is adorable! Nothing wrong with being a “crazy dog girl”! I too, am mommy to a amstaff/pitbull and I KNOW mine talks to me! LMAO

  2. Awesome picture! I hope you take one of him eating his cake.

    I’m late with my doggies cakes. I want to buy the older one a therapy bed. Maybe today, I keep saying! I did buy them toys, the cheap ones that they could have fun with for about ten minutes. Otherwise we depend on Kongs or toys as strong. My dogs have tough teeth and one can destroy even a Kong ball.

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