Time, Can You Be Nice to Me?


Have you ever felt like time moves too fast and yet stands still at the same time? If you look back, doesn’t it seem like it was just a few nights ago we had our New Year’s party? Like it was just yesterday when I woke up at 4am with my joints aching, feeling feverish and blue, ready to catch the train back to this city. In a blink of an eye, suddenly you’re already 2 months into a new year.

[Bruno Mars’ Marry You is playing on the living room through mom’s radio – mom’s smoking alone on the front couch, overly thinking things again perhaps.]

And yet, don’t you feel like as if you haven’t gone anywhere? You’re still the same you, the you in 2010, the you in June 2009, except the fact that you’re here today on a Wednesday in mid February in 2011. You’re still sitting in your dreadful little cubicle. Still dealing with the same communication issues with your employer. Still arguing the same arguments. The same fights, the same apologies, habitual quietness.

[Pocoyo’s ringtone is jingling through my phone – another promotional text message from the provider, knock it off, please..I’ve been getting them all day.]

I’ve been thinking about time. They say time is never on our side. You cant help but to grow older. Things expire. Flowers wither. Seasons change. Sometimes we want time to stop. Stop, so we can enjoy this moment just a second longer. Don’t go. Not yet.

In contradiction, what would you give to have a remote control? To fast forward to anywhere, anytime, whenever you feel like it. To jump through months to where your summer vacation is scheduled, to skip days to when you’re finally can be home again. To pass through these silent hours.

[Nickelback’s ‘If Today Is Your Last Day’ is playing through my earphones – it’s been a while since I listened to my old play-list]

So what happens when you feel two things at the same time, going two directions at one moment. You want to get there in a hurry, but you dream for that second to freeze.

Time is a duality we can’t grasp. Intangible in its existence. Whether you want time to fly or to pause, you need time regardless. I guess, we all need it. A little time, as you said.

[Jeffree Star’s ‘Prisoner’]

~ by CuppySkully on February 9, 2011.

10 Responses to “Time, Can You Be Nice to Me?”

  1. im sorry,baby…in few days…we’ll freeze that one second 🙂

  2. This was so great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow – “A little time, as you said.” And in that one, final sentence the entire piece is re-contextualized into something so much larger, so far away from our expectations until then. Marvelous.

    • Hi Scribbla,
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I really appreciate your feedback. I’m just starting this writing thing, this is my first ever blog. So, hopefully I can keep writing decent pieces that readers can relate to.

  4. Today I wrote somewhere that I had, ‘taken some time’ and then thought, where did I take it from. Time is here, we can use it, but can we take time? It just seemed odd writing it.

  5. Timey-wimey said the Doctor in Blink.


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