Grinding Teeth










Something about this rare routine
Each time sleeping is less mean
Coz it’s when bedtime isn’t a bye
Yet a welcome home for a thirsty sigh

It’s the time when one second freezes
In which we pay overdue longings and misses
Between dozes and mumbles
Grinding teeth and their sound bubbles

Though it’s not that which wakes me in baffle
It is that unexpected startle
To blink and see
In dazed, a slumbering sippy

As consciousness slips me in and out
With silence roam aloud
Convinced this sight next to me isn’t a lie
And I found myself whispering I heart firefly

To shut my eyes frownless
Knowing which I last see will also be my first, doubtless
Reach my hand and touch a dreaming hair
Whisper again hoping i heart firefly is heard down there

(originally written on June 21, 2010)

~ by CuppySkully on February 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “Grinding Teeth”

  1. smiles me….eveytime πŸ™‚

  2. This one’s really beautiful. I love how you play with consciousness. You have the sensitivity to feel all things, happy and sad, which makes me crave to read more of this writing.

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