But My Boots Are Bold

I Am Not Ungrateful


I am not ungrateful
I count my blessings
And they are abundant
That, I am aware

I am bestowed
Joy upon joy
Regardless of sighing spirit
That soul is sane

I am surrounded
By great people
Beautiful souls
That I am loved

I am granted
The chance to comprehend
What valentine is
That is without dues

I am believing
Wisdom is gained, not given
My people are my rock
That you hold me down, lift me up

It’s a piece I wrote a long time ago. I guess aside from the fact that this one got the most thumbs and comments, it also still resonates somehow.

Someone said to me something about why am I planning to leave and why do I look so happy about it, that I’m expected to be sad, to be more wise in my decision. To be thoughtful. Essentially I feel as if I am being told that I should be grateful of what I have now and not throw away the things that I already got carelessly. Well, you know what, I am grateful. I have always been grateful. I am grateful that I’m still able to make a choice. And if that choice is unpleasant to some people, then so be it. I’m not putting on your shoes and -hell- you aint never gonna put on mine.

So I’m gonna walk away with my imaginary Louboutin black-faux-leather-knee-high-5-inch-stiletto-boots, which will make my foot blister at the end of the day. But hey, at least I’m not wearing anything hideous like them clogs you got on.

~ by CuppySkully on January 31, 2011.

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