A Little Light With Wings, You


A little light is going by,
Is going up to see the sky,
A little light with wings.

I never could have thought of it,
To have a little bug all lit
And made to go on wings.

Elizabeth Madox Roberts




You know as big city dwellers we often think highly of ourselves. As if we know more, seen more. Although I never thought of myself as better than the next person, I admit I thought I’ve seen everything that could have been seen out there. Little did i know……

I remember it was almost midnight. Some time in late 2009. Nothing out of the ordinary at first. Just spending that night the way I had spent any other night. Dialogue after dialogue. Giggle after giggle. Ordinary at its best. Or so I thought……

Yes, I remembered. But what I couldn’t understand was how it started. How did that little thing end up fluttering inside? How did it know that it would catch my eye, as it flickered around…beaming with glow? How did it just calmly let itself land onto a palm? Mesmerizing me. “What is that?! It…it glows!”

And so what I thought I knew was no more. I thought I had it down. I thought nothing surprised me anymore. I thought I had seen the bad, the good, the great. I have been in the tallest building in the city. I have had the sand from few of the most beautiful beaches beneath my toes. I have been cut open and brought back to life more than once. I have flown to the sky in giant lifeless birds! But then I learnt, this, this little glowing thing, I didnt know it could be of such splendor!

Of course I have heard of it before. I knew it existed. I knew it would glow. But in my typical big city ignorance, I never gave it any thought. Until that night. Until its radiance beamed through the screen. Delicate. Tiny, yet fiery. A single entity, yet all I needed to learn.

I’m not one who wants many things…

…though if I may

…if I could find a way

…I want each of my eye

…to see a real Firefly

~ by CuppySkully on January 30, 2011.

4 Responses to “A Little Light With Wings, You”

  1. LOVE this. What a cool experience that would be. I have seen fireflies, but never had one land on my hand.
    I included fireflies in my first story of the journeys and adventures of Little One.

    • Lucky you! I’ve never seen real fireflies before.. Only in videos and pictures, shame on me. Gonna read your story of the journeys and adventures of Little One after this. Thanks!

  2. This post makes me want to find you and bring you somewhere to the country in Mississippi in late spring or the middle of summer when the woods are so full of fireflies you’d think it was a fairy convention. That is my wish for you.

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