Tweaked and Leaked


1:49am. Finally finished tweaking this damn thing. Being a well-known technologically-challenged person, I personally think this is quite an accomplishment to get this registering-theme-picking-background-tweaking-setting-clicking thing down in 24 hours. Okay, i did cheat  a bit and ask a friend how to change the footer, but still…it was a minor cheat.

Now, I guess… I’m supposed to write something. Anything. […cue the awkward silence…] Ughh… I used to be good at this writing thing. I mean, writing anything in a snap. Maybe my creativity is all sucked outta me from being in that place. <—more on this on later posts. Well, this is a starter anyway. Something to jolt things back to normal, to again create and convey and share and vent and cuss, dancing fingers.

2:01am. On my 6th cigarettes since like 4 hours ago. Some will say something along the lines of I should cut down that disgusting habit coz I aint gettin any younger each year. And others might say something like how did I manage to cut down to only 6 in 4 hours.. Regardless what anyone would say, I will say this; I really really miss typing with an ashtray on my desk. So y’all I’m-eating-only-fresh-food-and-ride-bicycle-to-work-cause-I-live-very-healthy people can put your mask on now coz I’m bathing in nostalgia of typing at dawn with a lit ciggy between my lips.

Wow…only 3 paragraphs to get me start bitchin again. This is a good sign.

Okay…off to bed. Chai, out.

~ by CuppySkully on January 29, 2011.

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