The Boys Who Tongue-kissed Me

Looking at how peaceful and snuggly my two boys look like when they’re sleeping makes me wonder are these the same boys that run around the house acting all silly just a few minutes ago. And when they are running around the house being typical playful boys I wonder are these the same puppies that looked at me with their terrified eyes, bodies all shivering and tails between their legs.

It seems like such contrasts, but true. Amazingly true. I saw Moshi sitting quietly in the corner of a small cage on a petshop and my heart just melt. Call me corny, but I always rooted for the underdog -no pun intended-. Seeing this little black mutt puppy being ignored by people who were busy admiring the other pomeranian, dachshund, and other pure-bred puppies broke me. At that moment I felt like taking this little guy home with me was the most important thing. And so I did. And so my mom threw a fit, coz she didnt like animals. And so I cried like a little baby girl, trying to win my mom over. And so I won.  : D

Sille, came to our family in a more tragic way, unfortunatley. One morning 4 years ago, I heard my mom screaming that there was a puppy in our garbage bin. Apparently mom saw someone throwing a plastic bag into our garbage bin like an hour before that. And when she went outside to take out more trash, she saw a puppy crawling out from the bin, covered with red ants. What to do? Leave the puppy there to die from ant-bites?? Seriously???

We were actually planning to just foster-care Sille until 911 For Dogs managed to find him a loving family to adopt him. But after a few months, as all puppies do, he grew on us. : )
When I told my parents that we might have an adopter willing to take him, my dad was like “It’s okay..he’s been here a while anyway”. And mom, who were throwing tantrums like nobody’s business when Moshi joined the family, was like “But will the new family know that he cant sleep without a blanket covering his head??” Mom fell in love.  : )

What I’m trying to say is, being a foster parent is very rewarding. Knowing that you -literally- are saving a life, is priceless. And being an adopter is not only a noble thing to do, but it shows your compassion. Shows that you are not someone who judges a book by its cover. Shows that you see what is most important, the dogs’ heart and soul. All dogs are the same, regardless their colors, shape, type of coat, champion or born in the street….they all just simply want to be loved. They just wanna be your best friend. And unless you are someone who chooses your human best friend based on their racial, religious, and physical attributes or how they look, I’m sure you get my point here.

Trust me, getting that good-morning kiss or that welcome-home kiss feels just as good regardless you’re getting it from a champion maltese or a big brown mutt.  : )
It doesn’t matter. Coz to them, it doesn’t matter whether you’re fat, you’re bald, or your name is Oprah. They see you as you. Don’t you think we should start doing the same?

~ by CuppySkully on January 29, 2011.

7 Responses to “The Boys Who Tongue-kissed Me”

  1. They are awesome! Glad to have found your blog!

  2. Hello.

    What a wonderful story! So sweet. So one of them sleeps with a blanket over his head huh? Don’t think I’ve ever seen that. And you know, I wish everyone would get off that high horse, stop buying those expensive dogs that have to be flown from miles away and just go to the shelter. Sigh… Such is life.

    Also, people are like dogs too. I had a boyfriend who came with a fancy suit and car, well, he was the worst boyfriend ever! I had one with a truck and a fishing rod, now he was good to go, fishing at least, but he was the best.

  3. Wonderful story! When I first came to live with Ma I slept with the blankie over my head and face. But I’ve gotten much less shy and Ma gives me plenty of room to grow into a real dog.
    I send you and the boys some big smooches and Lakie licks!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    HUGS, Autumn

  4. WOW! you have a HUGE! heart.
    Keep it up and the three of you keep on running around the house acting all silly!

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