Poetry-junkie With Painted Skin


[Prologue] I have this habit of saving various URL addresses, links, webpages, or whatever you call them, on my email’s Draft folder, anything and everything that I stumbled upon the internet. And as  I was rummaging there, I found this link to an old article in The New York Times website that I had saved a while ago. I knew it even from back then that this article was worth sharing. Maybe that was why I save d it. I wanted it to have a proper medium instead of just posting it as a link and be scrolled through aimlessly on people’s timelines or newsfeeds. Coz what I read was just…..beautiful.


looking for heart hand boy

You have a perfect redhead c omplexion and the perfect heart tattoo

placed in the crevice, between your

thumb and forefinger.

You seemed a bit sad that day,

and maybe wondered why I kept smiling at you. … I wanted to take a picture of

your heart hand with my phone

and was imagining different ways of doing so …

then you suddenly walked over towards me

and waited two whole stops to get off.

I thought perhaps you wanted to check out my smile. Or perhaps you thought I was odd

because I was letting myself laugh out loud

at the moth podcast I was listening to that day

about a man who had been usurped

by his friends in a trailer

and taken off to burning man. anyhow, I loved your red heart,

and your hair, and your style,

but you seemed sad, and I wanted

to talk to you and make you smile that day …

but when I opened my mouth nothing came out. this is me opening my mouth. I was the blond girl

with deep dimples

covered in rain gear.

Your tattoo; two

You shared the chocolate cake wit h him,

but declined another glass of white

from the bar; where you were seated.

The tattoo on the back of your neck

and the one on your right arm

enticed me to have a closer look. When you got up to leave,

I was finally able to fix my eyes

on you.

Gorgeous Tattoo Waitress

Gorgeous Tattoo Waitress

that working in

the slaughtered lamb.

We talked about

the breakup

across the street

Cute apple soho genius

you help me with my

airport mac issue a few days ago,

you are really cute

and i love your tattoos

and your accent,

you told me you have started

a big chest piece. you know i would love

to see it sometime,

if you let me. yes? no? maybe?

Chavella’s Server With Tattoos

A friend made fun of me.

“I think you are the first person I know

who has ever set her sights on

on someone who works in a Mexican restaurant,”

she said.

So be it! The server in there

with the great tattoos on his arms

is ridiculously sexy.

Next time, I will ask his name,

and not just

shoot smiles at him.

Black hair red lips pale skin

Im dyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing,

and nice tat.

you should

come up to me.


ahh real monsters tattoo and squid tattoo

You wore a yellow top

black strechy lookin pants

leather sandals that covered

your skull tattoo

and you had a toe ring

You also wore a black military hat I think you also had gauges

You were beautiful

Who are you?

What’s your name?

I wanted to talk to you

but wound up talking

to the dude next to me,

he was looking for a job,

mentioned my company was hiring…

U got off at third

The most missed

connection ever

frida kahlo tattoo

you showed me

your tattoo.

and i punched you

in the mouth.

i thought that night

was magical.

Sunday Fun Day

It was Sunday at McCarren Park.

You and your friends were sitting

near my friends and me

(near the high school, close to Bedford).

We had a Smurfs blanket and

some Turkey’s Nest margaritas.

You had a sort of Southern Rock vibe —

shoulder length blondish hair and tattoos,

probably a black shirt and shades.

I was definitely staring at you.

Sorry if you noticed me

being creepy, but you’re

*real* dreamy.


….and they say tattoos are for degenerate criminals? We, tattooed-people, are nothing but geeky poetry-junkies with painted skins.




~ by CuppySkully on January 29, 2011.

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